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Aug 10, 2003 - DV8 Outlasts Gordon Beirsch

Team photo

Santa Cruz 6 v 6 Champions, 2003

It was a fun but grueling two days. We began at 9am Saturday and ended the day undefeated and at the top of our group. We had beaten Santa Clara F.C. (3-2), Defiance (6-3, after being down 3-0) and Salty Dogs (11-2...this was Palo Alto's second team in the tourney), landing us a spot in Sunday's quarterfinals.

Team Finchy (The Rovers's S.C. team) played a great match, but we pulled it off 3-2 with some excellent defense from Nico, Ted, and Younes. Our next game was against Versalie, a team that had gone undefeated in the tournament and had just pummeled Santa Clara F.C. by 11-3.

From the open whistle, both sides were evenly matched, and by halftime the game was tied at 2-2. With about 5 minutes left in regulation, they scored to go up 3-2. With about a minute to play Randy put one in to equalize. Then, about a minute later we scored another to make it 4-3. We were waiting for the whistle to blow, but Versalie scored two minutes into injury time to equalize at 4-4. It was time for penalties, and three kickers were selected: Ted, Nico, and Troy. They went first, and Jason made an amazing save to give us a chance to go up. Ted aimed left, but his shot was wide. The next kicker from Versalie took Ted's lead and aimed left, but he too went wide. Nico calmly lined up his kick, and it went in. Versalie's next kicker went to the right, and Jason got his hands on it, but it just managed to bounce into the goal. It was now up to Troy to give us a spot in the finals. As he does with every penalty, he looked at both sides of the goal, stared straight at the keeper, and placed it to the left - as their keeper dove right.

Twenty minutes later we were playing in the finals against Gordon Biersch. These guys had just played three straight games and were exhausted; but, then again, so were we. At halftime we were up 3-2. Matt and Ted continued their scoring rampage and put in one each to give us a 5-3 lead. With four minutes left to play Gordon Biersch scored one to make it 5-4. Then, Matt received a pass from Jaime, took the keeper one-on-one, and slammed the ball into the back of the net. This was enough to become champions of our division! Apparently, there haven't been very many first timers that have won this tournament . . . so it was certainly quite an achievement!

Stay tuned for DV8.s future success; after such a phenomenal start to our season, we expect great things.